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. an oil tanker side wipe swipedment -- swiped the bay bridge. what we are learning about the pilot's past. you remember the 60s, that is temperatures they will be back today and we will have those coming right up. we have our share of traffic congestion and we will tell you about one small study could have a huge impact on bay
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area roads. and governor jerry brown plans to send a clear message to the thousands of people behind bars in california, it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us this tuesday morning, january 8th. >> steve just took us back to the '60s. >> well some of us. >> i don't remember. >> very sharp today mr. clark. that is very stylist. mr. blackwell would approve. 30s and 40s but ones we get through the fog sunnyside up and warmer and 50s and 60s on the high, here is sal. well, if you are going to san francisco and if you are using any of the bridges, it looks good. also on westbound bridge, coming down to the golden gate
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bridge, that traffic is nice, let's go back to the desk. we are starting with new details on the san francisco bay, this morning the coast guard will be meeting with the oil tanker which sideswiped the bay bridge. he has this new information about the bar pilot and about that accident, good morning. they have learned the bar pilot in yesterday's collision did pass but the results of a drug test are expected to be back later on today. i want to show you it is a 750- foot oil tanker, it sideswiped one of the bay bridge toll plazas and as this investigation unfolds, they gathered evidence on board. a spokesperson gathered to say
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they will interview them and he's largely identified as george lease. yesterday his accident happened at a time when there was heavy fog and it cut visibility to a quarter mile. it struck a bay bridge support tower on the western span and there was no structural damage to the bridge and no oil spilled as a result of the crash and in fact the ship had just finished unloading 350,000 barrels of crude at the shell refinery and was headed back out to sea. and this morning, state records are revealing more information about the bar pilot's history. in 2009 the ship he was piloting briefly ran aground and just two days ago, they ran a ground in stockton.
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in that case they found there was pilot error involved. as we bring you back out here live, this is still sitting docked in the middle of the bay and it will remain here until the coast guard finishes their investigation and at this point they are trying to figure out if it was human error or some other factor in yesterday's accident, all level savage -- alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. oil from that spill spread a long 26 miles of shoreline and it killed more than 6800 birds. the cal strand said 750 were made after that disaster. we have much more on yesterday's tanker and including the coast guard news briefing. look under the hot topic section. they said they tried to
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pick up an 11-year-old girl who was walking home. it happened on monterey road. police say a man offered her a ride when another driver saw what was happening he took off. he was driving a chevy astro van and a similar incident happened about a mile away a year ago. a similar description was held and anybody with information is asked to call police. a groundbreaking study claims a small group of drivers is making it miserable for the rest of us. here is information from san jose with the results from this new research, janine de la vega? >> reporter: they are notorious for their traffic back up and a small number of people delayed and it could save people from driving with traffic nightmares. this story was conducted with people who tracked more than
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350 bay area drivers using their cell phone and jp s signals. a select group of drivers from outlying neighborhoods is contributing to much of the congestion on the roads. the study found 1% of drivers from san jose, dublin, san rafael. san ramon would cancel their trips and drop by 14% which chafes 8 minutes -- shaves 8 minutes off a person's commute and that's what transportation officials can put to read that bigger results. according to transportation officials they are studying this research to see if they could add more measures as far as metering lights to spread out the volume of traffic. recording live, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now is 5:05 an air
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search is led for a missing and in skott's valley. he has not been heard from since he left his home friday morning. he is known to hike in creek park. today they will be searching the area in quarry road. that is where deputies say somebody may have spotted him saturday. now he took off with a backpack, his passport and a driver's license but no cell phone. a judge in santa clara county has delayed sentencing in the sierra lemar case. he is scheduled to be convicted of 17 counts of sex crimes over a ten year spine. those crimes involve a girl who was four or five years old when the abuse started. this case is not related to his son. antolin garcia-torres. he is now accused of killing
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sierra lemar. and he is accused of causing the death of a man in the castro district. he is due back in court. chris stems from an incident where he ran a red light, made no attempt to stop before hitting a man who was walking across the crosswalk. he pled not guilty to the charges. there is one in sacramento and one in los angeles to push his message that california no longer needs to reduce over crowding in state prison. they are filing plans for further reducing population. they filed a motion just hours before the deadline saying the requirement for healthcare has been met. coming up, tara moriarty will join us live from san quentin
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with why governor brown is determined to get out of the court order. former chuck hagel said they are preparing for a confirmation battle. the criticisms are coming from both republicans and democrat. time now 5:07, sal is back and any commute battles? i know you are watching the east bay. that's right, that is usually where the traffic becomes slowest earlier in the morning and we always watch 880 because a lot of people are coming from salvano into alameda county and the whole stretch looks good heading out to the mcarthur maze, crossing into san francisco, they do not want to get a head of the crowd and they have a big delay after 6:15 or so. if you are driving on the approach to the san mateo and
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dumbarton, that is a nice looking drive. let's go to steve. it is going to be a sunny and warmer day and a big change starts to take place. much colder air. it is a fog advisory out towards fairfield and lots of sun this afternoon and warmer, a little hazy with areas that have to do with the fog. more so upper 30s , the amount of moisture comes up and that fog has no problem forming so there are pockets of it and you get a good sign of what is going on. that is going to drive a very cold system here, starting late tonight into thursday and in fact temperatures will go right down fast. there is not a lot of moisture here. sunnyside up and warmer and there are temperatures where we have not had a lot of 60s. we will have a majority today and by thursday we will be back
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into the upper 40s and 50s. it is a cold dynamic, sunny and warmer and we focus our attention to the north because much colder windy conditions will come in and snow levels could come in around 1,500 feet. we still have two days to see how it develops. it fit -- if it goes over water we have a better chance. very mild, mid-60s also santa cruz, a little cooler out towards contra costa county. cooler temperatures on wednesday and he there comes that much cooler system and saturday morning will be cold and it looks sunny and breezy as we go into the weekend. >> 5:10 is the time right now, a connecticut lawmaker made returns and what it has to do with the deadly newtown
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. she broke her silence on gun control.
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former congresswoman gabrielle giffords are hoping to raise money -- is hoping to raise money for the efforts and it comes after the shooting which left former congresswoman gabrielle giffords critically injured. a connecticut lawmaker is now apologizing to gabriel give ford's to stay out of her town. this comes after the newtown connecticut shooting and the lawmaker says her comments were incentive. another day, another fight in washington d.c. after president barack obama nominated a new secretary of defense. lawmakers are both sides of the aisle are both ready to file, carla? >> reporter: republicans and democrats alike took a stand against his nomination.
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chuck hagel reserved nomination to 2009 and turned off plenty as well as democrats. he shares his opinion even if it goes against the political grain. senators have expressed his comments with israel and iran as well as handling terrorists in the middle east but his quotes have been taken out of context. he will give a fair shake at a confirmation hearing but some are saying this will be the president's choice. >> reporter: i contacted dianne finestein's office and she said she wants to work with hagel to make sure he wants to secure the middle east and make sure service workers have a quality more on the opposition and more on the reaction when i see you
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next. ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> all right, now the next nomination president barack obama is expected to make is white house chief of staff jack lou to replace tim geithner. if he is confirmed, he will work with congress to raise the debt ceiling and also the president will have to work with a new chief of staff. they have approved new zephyrs pay -- severance pay under the done ask done tell law. the settle -- don't tell law. the settlement comes after the vote last fall. the two electronic's company are fighting on several fronts. today it will lead to selling it here in the u.s. and it
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includes gallon lassie includes 8 of its parents and they are not being compensated. the battle -- 8 of its patents and they are not back compensated. we now know the name of a woman who crashed into a pond and died. she lost control of her car on the on ramp and it hit a curb crashed through a fence and went right into the water. dive teams tried rescue her but it was too late and the cause is still under investigation. >> they gave tough approval and the council unanimously included medical marijuana and electronic cigarettes. this includes commercial sidewalks and this takes affect
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next month. other limits will be phased in next year. >> let's check in with sal for a look at traffic, what should we be aware of. >> it is looking good pam and dave and you should not have to worry about anything just yesterday. we have been looking at the marine county area and it looks very nice. keep a close eye on the r s p list and right now there is nothing going on here. yesterday we had a big crowd just after 6 so you may want to get there before 6:00 if you can. we are seeing crowding on the pass but through dublin, that pass looks good. >> santa rosa napa, fairfield, they are all seeing fog but it
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is showing signs of not only being cold but also warm and hazy and it might be tough for areas inland out towards antioch and fairfield. we get that little east breeze in fairfield and mountain view  34, the city is 37 and fso 43. we will have sunny and warmer weather today and that same high is responsible for a very cold system. much colder windy and there is not a lot of moisture with this but if there is enough, we can get snow level by 1500 or 2000 feet by thursday or friday. it's not as cold as we have
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seen. 50s and 60s and san rafael, 62 for fremont morgan hill, san mateo looking good. wednesday into thursday very, very cold temperatures probably the same for saturday, then it looks mostly sunny, breezy no doubt but a little warmer. european stocks open with gains, the biggest in france started up with a half of a percent already. investors took some profits out of the market there and they closed off nearly 1% and checking in on our futures right now which points to a lower opening across the board, not a big drop but a drop about as big as what we can see with the dow jones industrial
5:22 am
average nasdaq and s&p 500 all losing ground yesterday. despite all the markets slipping, they are at or within one percent of all time -- 1% of all-time highs. they have closed with a record $268 per share. it is 1 / 10th of a percent and luring it back into the markets could strengthen the economy overall. they are taking part in a manual blood drive competition. also a blowout and many college football fans are now using the d-word.
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. time now 5:23, they were evacuated after a series of unground -- junk ground he can -- underground explosions. nobody was hurt and pal are now -- police are now looking into what caused that explosion. crimson tide rolled over in last night's championship game. they are calling alabama a
5:26 am
dinasty. fighting iris did not even score until they did something late in the third quarter. the falling out was their third national title in the past four years. some of the world's top medical investors are here in the bay area this week. 2000 gathered right there on union square to hear about the next possible great health. they are targeting rare deceases which have no treatments right now and they are using information to taylor treatments for specific treatments and information from a minor treatment which did not need aggressive treatment. the fire department competed to see which could get the most upcoming donations. it included eldridge fire department on january 15thth.
5:27 am
and petaluma and windsor fire protection district on january 19th and sebastian fire department on january 22nd. 5:25 is the time what are you looking at, sal? >> obviously the entire bay area and we are also going to look at the bridges and traffic is moving a long well on northbound 280 getting up to 880. and if you are on the sunole grade any time soon, driving in to fremont but there are slow spots on 580 coming on the pass. 30s inland and mid-40s and san francisco's 47 degrees yet 37, antioch, livermore, oakland is 45 alameda is 45, there is a little easterly breeze and if you need something is, anywhere
5:28 am
around the bay and i think the coast and also towards the south bay, low-to-mid pam. time now 5:26 the man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire has been caught. where san francisco police were able to secure him into custody last night. and there is a key piece they need for their racing boat and when it arrives. incorporation papers, the next step, why a judge would not buy his reasons for not allowing him to drive in the carpool lane.
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. good morning, welcome back, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, steve has a totally different idea of what warm is out there. >> 25 might be back by friday morning and we do have a lot of fog which is coming back and sal and i will be the fog brothers until abou 9:00 and once it burns off, many areas will be in the 60s. here is sal. 880 northbound is looking good and fog is not an issue but as steve mentioned, it is spread out in some areas.
5:32 am
this is a look at san mateo bridge and this traffic does look good. 5:30 let's go back to the desk. there is new developments of a man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire. dexter -- deck terrible -- dexter oliver was taken into custody after being booked into jail on arson charges. he doused his 25-year-old girlfriend with gasoline lit her on fire sunday afternoon after the couple got into an argument at a laudromat. the victim is in the hospital with critical injuries. they are looking for suspects of a driveby shooting that sent a toco truck worker to the hospital. it happened at 8:30 last night from foot hill boulevard. king hit a truck and suspects were actually shooting at another car while trying to get
5:33 am
away. nobody else was hurt. earlier in the day a teenage boy became the first homicide victim of the new year. he was shot on hamilton street at 12:45 and he was alone in the car when police announced him dead at the scene. there is no word on a suspect and they are not pushing the messages that there is over crowding in state's prisons. here is your reasons. he will be around talking about how to solve the criminal over crowding. >> reporter: they have given them until midnight last night to further reduce the prison population and instead state attorneys filed a motion just hours before the deadline
5:34 am
saying healthcare has been met and governor brown wants to get out from the order to spend more than $440 million a year to send inmates to other states. the population has been reduced to more than 24,000 inmates since october 2011. they have been under siege for decades and they found the state was holding in unsafe conditions. coming up, we will tell you how governor brown was able to accomplish all of this. i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. time is now 533, now marin county will hold its first by back. organizers plan to offer $200 for semiautomatic weapons and if you turn in more than three
5:35 am
guns you can get a voucher redeemable for cash at a later date. >> we are not at the same violence without -- -- we are not at the same location as well as police headquarters in san rafael and l-boro. it was damaged in october -- largesboro. it was headed for oakland and expected to dock this morning and the wing will be transformed to san francisco. they will be ready to sale again early next month.
5:36 am
coming up at 5:45 how the city is getting ready to clear on their team. he will appeal. he was not alone and we told you yesterday the story about jonathan freeman and he claims he had papers of incorporation with him and they view corporations as people and he should not have received a ticket. he is hoping to take his case all the way to the supreme court. well they claim a small group of drivers makes everybody miserable about everybody else. here is more on that new study. >> reporter: good morning. we have drivers coming in and they end up sitting in traffic
5:37 am
on 101 but this study was for somebody to avoid rush hour and they could help speed up fellow drives heading north. it happened at uc berkeley and using gps significant that. the research showed a select group is contributing to much of the congestion on the roads. the study found for example if one percent of drivers from dublin san rafael and other parts of san ramon would cancel their trips, traffic would drop 14% which is would alter a person's commute for 15 minutes one driver said he can't delay his trip. >> i need a car, i am a road warrior, i need a car to get
5:38 am
where i am going so no. and transportation officials can look to it as far as making small changes that would lead to big results. caltrans is studying to see if they could add metering lights and other traffic among other things. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. let's check in with sal and we were talking about spare the air and we are talking about taking public transportation if you can. we just checked in with caltrans and so far there are no major delays on the systems and hopefully it will stay that way. let's look at the roads and this is a look at 880 in oakland and traffic is moving along nicely as you pass through. also at the san mateo bridge, it is a nice looking drive headed to the peninsular so let's go across to the bay and
5:39 am
we will talk about this commute, this traffic does look good. it will continue to thicken up and it is cold, not too bad around the bay. sunny and warmer though. fog and sun, big changes tomorrow evening and they take us right into thursday and friday and it will be a windy pattern as well. right out of the north and i have looked at 10 and 15 days and high pressure will sends everything to the east of -- send everything to the east of us. weed that one system and after that things are quiet and that's 10 more than other areas such as livermore and antioch and fairfield. high pressure is building in a big way and at the same time that will drive a very cold dynamic system in about 48
5:40 am
hours. the fog is thick so be careful and temperatures will top out also friday, may be more 60s than 50s which is not something we have said in a long time. it rearly comes through a high level system. fog sun warmer, a cold morning for some, but not so bad for others. unless you are out towards contra costa and the delta, it is a little tougher and then you get that easterly breeze and you have mid-60s popping up. it will be much cooler and there is no possibility compared to the cold coming in and down out of the north it would be sunny and warmer on
5:41 am
monday. air traffic is trapping pollution near the ground and it makes it illegal to burn wood in fire stoves. you should know they are not issuing any warnings, big fine, $500. there are new developments in the search for two serial killers. what the f f is doing now and walk free, we will have more on the between he was released this morning. we will have more on your morning commute, 880 is doing well.
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. good morning, we have some very thick fog out there but once the fog burns off we will have 50s and 60s. this morning the coast guard meets with that bar pilot of the oil tanker that sideswiped the tower of the bay bridge. they scraped a tower of the bridge's western span as the ship was headed out to sea yesterday. no oil spilled into sea and a barrier protected the brid. a man is accused of setting his girlfriend on fire and has been arrested. dexter oliver was taken into custody without incident at 9:00 p.m. the victim is in the hospital with critical injuries. and both democratic and
5:45 am
republican lawmakers are expressing concern after president barack obama nominated him to be the nation's next secretary of defense. new this morning, the attorney for the only suspect in custody for the attack on libya says he has been questioned and reportedly he posted reports on social media shortly after the attacks on the consulate began. he fired on nato and afghan troops killing one british soldier. it happened in the most violent providence in the country. gunman fired at both afghan and british troops. the number of insider attacks has increased dramatically. >> they will be back in court
5:46 am
for a hearing, one that will determine if this case goes to trial. it was a very emotional day in court, victim's members sat in court and remembered that day they helped to save lives. officers broke down in tears to recall that horrific scene july 20thth when 12 people were killed and 20 others were wounded. that court hearing is expected to last until friday. well the fbi is digging up a second well in sacramento county. they say a convicted serial killer led them to a new well which was excavated last year. he and a friend buried their victims in the 1990s. bones and fragments were found during the first he can staff vaguep and the -- excavation
5:47 am
and the digging now could take up to 5 three weeks. >> a board of new supervisors will be sworn in. that is a look at the victory party in chinatown. norman has five out of the 11 seats. >> i think it is about time. >> there is a whole generation of people who believe public policy is really where they ought to be. >> the other new supervisor on the board is london breed. her experience growing up in a public housing complex in san francisco gives her an understanding of the most disevacuated resident. the oakland city council has
5:48 am
one of the biggest changeovers in history. swearing in will take place with four education directors. mayor jean quan praised them for making oakland, quote, a progressive green city. san francisco 49ers will be hosting in an nfc playoff find but 9ers red lights they are trying to enjoy the view from inside candle stick park for sunday night's big game. even san francisco who done usually route for the 49ers are jumping on the bandwagon now. >> like the giant won last year and the atmosphere was unbelievable. >> they were asked slight
5:49 am
favorites to win but doesn't hope to -- now he is hoping to beat the team he rooted for as a kid. the tickets sold out within three minutes, i think. >> wow. >> you can still get tickets on the nfl exchange. the tickets are 10 bucks on subject usual and the cheapest ticket, right here, you can watch the game here and our coverage begins with our playoff play book show and that's a 4:00 p.m. and stay tuned for our live after post game show but everything is right here on channel 2. >> if you had a lot and you can do anything with the money, sal
5:50 am
and just sit on the couch. >> good morning. let's look at what we have now. traffic is moving along nicely on northbound 101 approaching the 880 split with no major problem and we are beginning to find it on the road, it is not a big delay but we are seeing a little bit of crowding on the toll plaza and on the peninsular we are looking good on 101 and 280 as you are driving through. it will be sunny and warmer, and partly cold partly cloudy, warmer coast and bay. inland can be hazy and cool and that fog could be turn off in the bay and this may be one of
5:51 am
the things dropping down and that looks like a cold wind did i one and we will get rid of that to get rid of it and that's exactly what will happen. you have big dips in the temperatures and even mid-40s. high pressure will build and it will -- big difference in the temperatures and even mid-40s high pressure will build and it will burn off and we have mainly upper 40s and 50s as we head to friday. morning fog, looks nice in the sun. today though after everything in the fog says sunshine and wanter and again a tougher
5:52 am
process for those inland and the delta valley. 60s for many, upper 50s for some and others and an offshore breeze helps fog on the increase and much cooler and very, very cold friday morning, saturday morning and it looks warmer into next week. and as they are looking for ways to cut costs an internal audit is on the way. disney is always looking for ways to eliminate duplication. mcdonoughnaled is expanding a new menu item. they were tasted successfully and one thing that could increase as it becomes more popular. a new baby will make it 5.
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it was 3 days of pure joy. susan g. komen's investments in early detection and treatment have helped reduce breast cancer mortality in the u.s. by 33% since 1990. help us continue serving the millions of women and men with breast cancer who still need us every day. register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful . good morning, a lot of thick fog out there and
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temperatures give way to 50s and mid-60s. married life getting off to a rough start, a hot air balloon landed like that in somebody's backyard. 14 people were inside that balloon and the couple had just said their vows. next thing you know we are defending and i am thinking how will we land because there was no place to land. >> i thought if the fence doesn't stop us then we are going down this hill. >> boy, that is love. the deflated balloon ended up draped over a tree. one person had to be taken to the hospital with some back pain and the rest of the wedding party continued on to the wedding reception. back here at home they are recovering and the drive of the
5:57 am
italian escalade thought the car was in reverse but the car drove out the dining room and out the back of the restaurant. one person suffered a broken leg and minor injuries. she died from heart decease and breast cancer. -- disease. she came to the zoo in 1967 and was one of the oldest zoo chimps in the country. it happens today in las vegas. it will happen from connected investigate technologies and the show will show how technology is making life easier and creating more jobs every day. exhibiters are promising more than 15,000 products on display
5:58 am
this year. they are talking about the news that he and his wife are spented a third -- expecting a third child. he and his wife are expecting a baby girl in july. now they have two children, three-year-old montana and one- year-old hunter. he is happy about the news and this child will be their third and their last one. unfortunately there is a crash in the east shore. sal has the details. >> it is really having a number on the commute blocking at least one lane and traffic here is going to be affected as i get rid of the little indicater and road sensors show traffic slowing into panola so west 80 on san palm beach road. let's go back to the desk.
5:59 am
what we already know about the man who was scaring the tanker plus who he will meet with today. governor brown's prison inmates, why he is holding two news conferences and we will have your weather coming up. [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios

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